5 Secrets to a Successful SaaS Onboarding

We explore 5 secrets to a successful SaaS onboarding. From creating the first Aha! moment to constant iteration.

The onboarding process can be a process that takes minutes to days or even months, depending on your product and services. One thing that should be consistent regardless of the length it takes is creating a rewarding and fulfilling experience for your customers that demonstrates value and encourages success.

Here are 5 secrets to a successful SaaS onboarding that should help you create that experience for your customers.

Creating the Aha! moment

Create that Aha! moment early, give your customer the tools and knowledge so they can get to success with your product as quickly and easily as possible, after all, that is what they want – success.

Do this by helping them find value, this is going to be different for every product, it needn’t be complicated or long, it just needs to be enough for your customer to say “Aha!, that’s why we pay for this“.

If you sell software that allows guests to get into your Airbnb with an auto-generated code, then maybe your value goal is having your customer have a successful guest check-in. Voila!

Success should be rewarding

When learning something new it’s nice to get feedback that you’re doing the right thing.

When onboarding, treat small accomplishments like a big deal, celebrate little things to show your customer they’re on the right track.

If you can, build this kind of feedback into your product so that when they do the right thing inside your software, they automatically are met with a pop-up or something that tells them they did that right.

Consider this a polite nod to your customer that they’re doing okay, and a nice assurance they’re on the road to success.

Evaluating milestones

Take the opportunity to look at your customer milestones, what are they? how were they decided? should they change? how can you make them easier to accomplish? should you be celebrating more of them?

These are just a few questions you begin to ask when you start evaluating your customer’s milestones and their road to success.

Try new things, be critical, come at a problem from the perspective of your customer, does that milestone make sense now? Or is it too late.

Don’t just get something standing and then not pay any more attention to it, grow, expand, change.

Find gaps, fill them

You will have gaps, you will face problems and you will have customers that get angry or frustrated.

That’s okay, we’re all only human, and we can only anticipate so much based on what we presently know.

What matters more is how you solve the issues when they happen. If you’re responsive and proactive your customers will be more understanding when something does go wrong or is a poor experience.

When you see a struggle or notice something didn’t go as planned, ask why! Ask yourself and your client. Not only will this help create a new process that will make things better, but you’ll also be showing your customer that they’re input and feedback is valuable, they’ll feel empowered, that’s good.

Don’t run & hide

Of course, no one is doing this, and it hardly needs to be said, but, be available, be approachable and be accountable.

Likely your CSMs are all of these things, or at least they should be, the issue may lay more in the process your customer needs to undergo in order to get in touch with your Customer Success or Support teams.

Are the lines to communication open and easy? Do you force your customer through a gambit of drop-downs and checkboxes before they can speak to a human or have you crafted an easy-to-use and beautiful Support site.

Make sure the path to reach you is easy and be there when your customer needs you to be.

It’s really that simple.

What are your tips and tricks to a successful onboarding process? What struggles have you faced and overcome? Let us know in the comments!