Customer Success and Their Role With Support


The two teams that have the most interaction with and greatest impact on your customers are your Customer Success Team and your Support Team. It’s important that both these teams are on the same page when it comes to delivering information and they need to communicate well to ensure things aren’t missed. 

Which Support?

You might be saying “but my CSM can handle the support needs of our customers”, and for much of the time, this is the case.  But it’s important to remember that you want your Customer Success Team to spend their time showing value to your customers not fixing their plethora of technical issues. 

Divide your support between Technical Support and Strategic Support. Technical Support is best served to your customers by members of a dedicated technical support team. These people will generally have more technical access to your product, and be a bit more savvy when it comes to solving technical issues. This leaves your CSM free to engage in more strategic activities. 

Your Customer Success Manager is your Strategic Support Guru. Let them provide support to your customer on how to use the product to achieve the results they’re looking for. Since the CSM has insight into what other customers are doing and how they’re using your product, the CSM can recommend and support methods to your customers better than a Technical Support member. 

Getting Along

If possible seat your Technical Support near your Customer Success Team. It’s important for your CS Team to be kept in the loop when Support gets tickets from your customers. While this may not be necessary each time a ticket comes in, having the option and open conversations make it easier when it is needed. 

If you cannot seat everyone from your Customer Success and Support  teams nearby, then at least provide frictionless methods of communication such as Slack or other IM services. Ensure that support tickets are logged in a place that is easily accessible by your Customer Success Team as well. 

What Support Tickets Mean to CS

Support tickets can be a huge help to your Customer Success Team, your Development Team and even your Sales and Marketing teams! 

For your CS Team, knowing what issues customers are having may be an indication of a larger problem a customer or series of customers may be facing. Since your support team is responsible for sorting issues as quickly as possible it is unreasonable to expect them to strategically analyze tickets in the same way and with the same knowledge that a CSM might. 

In this way, it is important to have complete transparency so that your Customer Success Team has the opportunity to strategically look at tickets and uncover issues that can be followed up by the Customer Success Team. 

How does your organization manage Support? Does your Customer Success Team take on the role of Technical Support as well as their standard CS role? Let us know in the comments.

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