Defining the Customer Journey

Does your organization have a clear and well-documented customer journey mapped out and available to everyone to view and ask questions?

Does your organization have a clear and well-documented customer journey mapped out and available to everyone to view and ask questions? If not you could be doing yourself a tremendous disservice.

It’s important that each person in your organization understands the customer journey and their role within it. 

The customer journey is not just a Customer Success thing, while CS may be responsible for the largest portion of the customer journey the responsibility of building a smooth road and maintaining that road falls on everyone in the organization. 

Customer Journey

Awareness & Consideration

Whether by their own accord or through your own marketing efforts your customers will find their way to you or you will reach out to them via your sales team to ignite a conversation around using your product. 

From the moment your customer recognizes a need for your product and actively engages with your brand, whether is through a Linkedin post or a paid ad, the journey has begun. 

This crucial first handshake introduces the customer to you, your brand and your product. If done properly, this customer will move down the pipeline along their journey to becoming a customer. 

Purchase / Subscription 

The road to purchase can be a long one, or it can be a short one. That will depend on your product, the value it offers and its price. Regardless of those variables, one thing is certain; the sales team lays the groundwork for what is to come, setting expectations and preparing the customer for a thriving relationship with your Customer Success team. 

Sales has an important role in demonstrating the product and proving its value early on. Without this the customer is sure to make a 360 and look the other way. 

It can be easy to overpromise, or legitimately forget certain aspects during this process, making it harder for Customer Success later on. Aligning goals and objectives and ensuring the sales team has a proper understanding of the the product and the customer journey after the sale is complete will help that journey be a smooth ride. 

Service / Customer Success

After completing the sales transaction is complete and the customer has been passed to the Customer Success Team the bulk of the customer’s journey can begin.  

It’s here that the customer will learn to use the tool, demonstrate continued ROI and learn to treat your Customer Success Managers as trusted partners in success. 

The CSM will be responsible for managing the relationship, ensuring the customer receives all the necessary training, adequate touch points along the way and ongoing strategic support to allow the customer to continually demonstrate value within their organization. 

Loyalty & Advocacy 

When a CSM and a customer have a great relationship, the customer is able to demonstrate value and ROI, then you have a great oppurtunites to showcase your customers. 

Doing this both shows your existing customers that you enjoy celebrating their success and it also creates great content to share and inspire new customers to come knocking. 

This can be accomplished by collecting customer stories; asking them to share what their successes have been over the past year or encouraging them to review your company on one of the various SaaS review platforms like G2Crowd.

Create awards to share and celebrate your customers in different business segments or success metrics you value. Create a resource of customer stories for your Customer Success Team to share and inspire your other customers. 

This will create loyalty and stickiness as well as feed great content to your marketing and sales teams to promote and sell your product, it’s services and your people. 


Ensuring that everyone in your organization has a clear understanding of the customer’s journey is an important component to successfully delivering ROI to your customers. 

Setting clear and reasonable expectations in the marketing and sales process allows Customer Success Teams to deliver on the promise your customers have been given, which in turn, creates happy, engaged and sticky customers that will be eager to share their success with others.

Their stories and sharing will come back in spades when it helps your marketing and sales team quote success, share ideas and cultivate conversations around your product!

What does your customer journey look like for your organization? Does everyone from marketing to support know what it looks like and what their role in it is?

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