Meeting & Communication Tools

Staying on top of everything in your organization can be difficult. Here are some tools to help you keep on track, on time and on top of your game.

Having meetings and clear communication are key components of a Customer Success role. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself organized, on track and up to date with everything that’s going on in your organization. 

But that can be hard with so many resources often existing in different places. To help you find your way and stay on track here are some of my favorite resources.

Strictly Communication

  • Slack Team chat made simple. 
  • Mailspring – Free mail application for Mac and Windows that has some useful features like opens and follow-ups. 

Booking Meetings

  • Calendly – Easily create availability and let others book time with you. 

Lists, Organization and Then Some

  • Microsoft To-Do – A version of Wunderlist by Microsoft after they acquired Wunderlist.
  • Wunderlist – The OG Wunderlist.
  • Todoist – Long live the reigning champ, but might cost you some dollars. 
  • TikTik – The relative new-comer with some powerful features. 
  • Microsoft OneNote – The version included with Microsoft Office offers greater functionality. This tool is great to save on a shared drive, keeping a history of events over many Customer Success Managers.
  • Bear – A bit more than lists, similar to OneNote, but more Mac.
  • EverNote – The original note app that’s not OneNote. 
  • SimpleNote – Like it says, simple notes. Clean!
  • Quip – Spreadsheets, Documents, Slides and Chat. It’s doing everything and it looks great too!
  • SmartSheet – Part OneNote part advanced, highly customizable spreadsheet. 
  • Brief – A bit of Slack tossed in with some useful and clean UI of Wunderlist.

TutsPlus goes into some depth on many of these so check them out for a more in-depth review.